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**NEW** FreeTXL 10.6e

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Welcome to the TXL Project web site. Here you will find everything about TXL - software, documentation, examples, support and more. Everything you need to take advantage of the best in source transformation systems!

About TXL
What is
TXL ? What's it good for? What input languages can it handle? Who uses it? Why's it called TXL ?

Introductory materials for learning
TXL. The guided tour of TXL. The TXL Challenge. How should I begin learning TXL ?

Reference manuals, user guides and learning materials for TXL. Publications about TXL and its applications.

FreeTXL, a free and freely distributable TXL compiler / interpreter. Current version FreeTXL 10.6e (May 2017)

TXL World! The TXL grammar collection. Example applicatons. Useful rule sets and modules. Editor plugins for TXL.

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FAQ. Ask a question. Report a bug or difficulty

NiCad Clone Detector
NiCad4, a scalable, flexible code clone detection system based on TXL.  **NEW** Current version NiCad 4.0 (February 2016)

TXL has grown with the support of NSERC, OCE, Esprit, CSER, IBM Research and the IBM Center for Advanced Studies, and is presently supported by NSERC.

This website is maintained by members of the Software Technology Laboratory, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, with the assistance of NSERC.
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